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Welcome to Cattle Values, a Service of Cowman's Choice.

Timothy L. Couch

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Need to Know Cattle Values?

That's what We Do.

Cowman's Choice is pleased to introduce Cattle Values, your source for formal appraisals, consultation, and expert testimony.  Tim Couch offers the experience and expertise you need in an expert witness or consultant.  He provides a wealth of information relative to the cattle industry, cattle valuations, herd growth, profit and loss analysis, and more.  Whether you are a cattleman needing assistance with determining the profitability of a purchase/investment, or a chief financial advisor for an insurance agency seeking accurate cattle appraisals, or an attorney in need of an expert witness to assist in a case going to litigation, be assured that Mr. Couch is well able to confident, competent expertise you need.

Meet an Expert Witness & Consultant...

For Attorneys

With 30 years of experience, Tim Couch has provided over 100,000 appraisals of cattle herds and individual animals for insurance companies and cattlemen as well as serving as expert witness and consultant to attorneys for cases that may go to litigation.  In 2017, the Third Circuit Court and Supreme Court of Louisiana both qualified Tim Couch as a livestock expert, especially relative to cattle and cattle valuations.  Additionally, Couch is an accredited member of the International Society of Livestock Appraisers, and sole proprietor of Cowman's Choice, a domestic and international cattle marketing agency since 1995, providing ranch operational analysis and consultation.  His areas of expertise include:  Cattle Valuations, Ranch Profit and Loss Analysis, Projecting Cattle Herd Growth and Income, Operational Transformation for Increased Profitability, as well as Cattle Reproduction and Behavior.

For Insurance Companies

Over the years, Mr. Couch has provided thousands of formal appraisals for cattle valuations, including semen and embryos, for insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual and Farm Bureau.  Along with consultation regarding matters of potential fraud, 

For Cattlemen

Tim Couch affords you decades of "hands on" experience within the cattle industry as a cattlemen, order buyer, and consultant; As a cattle appraiser, he has provided feasibility and profit projections for cattlemen considering major purchases / investments.  His expertise include:  profit and loss analysis, cattle valuations, and ranch operational analysis, and transformation for increased profitability.  He also provided domestic and international cattle brokerage services.  As sole proprietor of Cowman's Choice, a domestic and international cattle marketing agency, Couch has overseen all aspects of cattle marketing, from photography / videography to sales consultation, and understands the demands and pitfalls of the industry.


Whether you need consultation, an appraisal, or expert testimony, contact Tim today.  You'll be glad you did!


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