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BlackMagic (1)

Cowman's Choice sells beef and dairy semen (and embryos) domestically and internationally.  International clients receive reduced prices from those otherwise displayed.  If you are looking for Angus, Beefmaster, Brahman, Brangus, Hereford, Limousin, Charolais, Longhorn, Romagnola, Terintase, Chianina, Maine Anjou, Santa Gertrudis, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss, or other breeds, we can help.  Just let us know what you are looking for, and we'll take care of the rest.  So, whether you see what you want or not, email usIf you prefer, just give us a call:  1.903.439.8198


The following is a partial listing of semen and embryos available from Cowman's Choice.   We do offer substantial discounts for JBBA junior breeders.  Pricing and inventory is subject to change without notice (often times a reduction in price).  Additionally, we seem to always have semen and embryos that are not actually listed online.  


As we liquidate seized accounts at collection facilities, we generally have huge quantities of semen from exceptional bulls for a very low price; and, since sometimes obtaining semen certs for registering calves from those bulls can be troublesome, we tend to make great deals for commercial - or international - breeders looking for volume discounts.  


We are currently preparing a store front to make the purchase process easier, but for now... read the list and contact us with your order.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime.  Shoot Tim Couch an email at; or, call or text him at 903.439.8198.


SEMEN LIST  (Click Here for:  Partial Table of Images)


  1. Achilles (Cavalier** x Black Diamond) - $50

  2. Arkansas 5-01 (Cherokee Phantom** x Painted Tiger** daughter) - $25

  3. Bayou Blast (Black Bayou x Cajun Blast), Homozygous Black and Polled - Contact us for Pricing

  4. Black Bayou (Polled Mandate** x Mullins 46/8**) - $100

  5. Cat-Man-Do [Painted Tiger** x 850 (Cavalier** x Sex Life**)] - $45

  6. Country Western** (Country Boy x Gordon's 202**) - $100

  7. Country Magic [Black Magic** x (Scarlet's Pride** / Houston** daughter)] - $35 

  8. Crimson Magic (Black Magic** x Miss Selection**) - $30 

  9. Crimson Warrior** - $25

  10. Diamond Rio** (Cherokee Phantom** x Miss JF9006) - $25

  11. Equity (Red Tiger** x Prissy Lady**) - $30 

  12. Expresso (Mr. Coffee** x Magic Mom**) - CURRENT SPECIAL:  $25 per straw

  13. Gladiator** (Gator 3 x Circle Dot 8/17) - $100

  14. Harricain (Snow Cloud** x Jungle Red**) - $25

  15. HMSTD Firecracker 293K41 - $45

  16. Kentucky Prince (Cavalier** x Misty) - $50

  17. King Cotton (Levi** x "Cotton Cow" McGrede 5/39**) - $25

  18. Lady's Man (Ranger's Pride** x Lady Phantom**) - $25

  19. Levi** - $50

  20. Magic's Legend (Black Magic** x Infinite Grace) - $40

  21. Magic Marker (Black Magic** x Miss Adrianna 396/9) - $18 / $8 without certificates  SALE

  22. Panama Jack (L2 Captain Jack x L2 Victor's Sister**) - $40 

  23. PWII** (Crimson Warrior** x Lady Phantom**) - $30

  24. Ranger's Pride** (Ranger** x Miss Lindeman 237/7**) - $25

  25. Ring Eye (Robert E. Lee** x Kingsberry 63844**) - $50

  26. Rockin-Robbin (CJ's Soulman x Tess) - $35

  27. Southern General (Robert E. Lee** x Lady Glacier) - $15  / $5 without certificates  SALE

  28. Xcite (Desperado** x Miss Lee**) - $45 

  29. Z747 

Dom Semen Table
Country Magic             $25 USD
Xcite                               $40 USD
Cat-Man-Do                 $45 USD

Painted Tiger x 850 (Cavalier x Sex Life)

Southern General     $15 USD
King Tut (no certs)             $10 USD
Road Warrior (no certs)   $10 USD
Crimson Magic             $30 USD
Magic Marker            $18 USD
Black Maxx                  $30 USD

Seventeen-time Supreme Champion Sire

Levi**                           $50 USD
Senator (no certs)    $9.50 USD
L Bar 9239                 $15 USD

Grandsire of 5502

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